1. What is Gangnam business trip massage?
Gangnam Business Trip Massage is part of the nationwide business trip project conducted by Soul Business Trip and provides business trip massage services throughout the Gangnam area. Gangnam Massage Service is open 24 hours a day, and professional massage therapists travel to wherever you are to provide services. The Gangnam business trip employs only professional therapists who have acquired massage management certifications, and is a company that provides thorough service to customers through continuous training. We can tailor anything you want, and if you are not satisfied, you can revisit another manager through consultation with the customer service center. Customers who want a massage service in Gangnam can call the call center. If the phone is turned off, the staff may shift during the day and night. In that case, you can use it normally after about an hour or the next day. If you want to get a massage in Gangnam, the right answer is to use Gangnam Massage Service.

Gangnam business trip

2. How to use Gangnam massage service and available areas
We will tell you what you need to be careful about before using Gangnam Massage Service. These days, there are a lot of scams through voice phishing. If the business number is an Internet number that starts with 070, etc., you must knock again to check. We would like to remind you once again that in the unlikely event that you have been scammed, it is nearly impossible to get your money back. Gangnam Massage Service provides services throughout Gangnam, and you can receive high-quality services anytime, anywhere. We provide service wherever you are, including motels, hotels, officetels, and your own home. If you inquire through our call center or business trip community , we will assist you with consultation.

[Gaepo-dong, Nonhyeon-dong, Dogok-dong, Daechi-dong, Samseong-dong, Sinsa-dong, Apgujeong-dong, Yeoksam-dong, Cheongdam-dong, Segok-dong, Suseo-dong, Ilwonbon-dong, Ilwon-dong]

We are providing Gangnam massage services in any of the Gangnam administrative districts listed above, so please contact us and show your interest.

Gangnam business trip massage

Information on Gangnam that provides Gangnam business trip massage
Gangnam-gu is an autonomous district located in the southeastern part of Seoul. It has the second largest population in Seoul after Songpa-gu and Gangseo-gu. It borders Yongsan-gu, Seongdong-gu, and Gwangjin-gu to the north, Songpa-gu to the east, Seocho-gu to the west, and Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do to the south. It is located in the middle of the three Gangnam districts commonly mentioned in the media, and is also a symbol of Korea’s wealth. It was the first to be installed among ‘Gang○-gu’, which were named after the Han River. It is widely known abroad due to the popularity of the Gangnam Style song.
As you can see from the exterior of Gangnam-gu Office, it is a building that has only been remodeled on the exterior, and unlike the image of Gangnam-gu, which is famous for having a lot of money, it is rather simple. Instead, the community centers in each neighborhood that residents use more directly have many welfare facilities and are well-built.
The Gangnam-gu Office building was built in 1975, in the early days of Gangnam development, and was used as the Public Procurement Office building. Before the office relocation, the district office was located in the current Gangnam-gu Public Health Center and Woori Bank Gangnam-gu Office branch building at the intersection of Gangnam-gu Office Station. This is because Gangnam-gu Office’s relocation plan was not taken into consideration when planning Line 7, but the problem is that Gangnam-gu Office’s move into the procurement building was already visible around the time Gangnam-gu Office Station opened. So, when you get off at Gangnam-gu Office Station, you have to walk about 500 meters to Gangnam-gu Office. Rather, Cheongdam Station is closer, about 270m.
Gangnam-gu Office has also considered building a new district office. By 2007, a plan had been considered to sell the remodeled current district office to the private sector and use the proceeds to build a new office building. However, from the perspective of Gangnam-gu Office, the problem was that there was no suitable site to relocate Gangnam-gu Office. The conditions set by the Gangnam-gu Office were that it would be located in the central part of Gangnam-gu and that it would be close to a subway station. However, the site that everyone is satisfied with is the Teheran-ro area, but the problem is that the land price here is enormous. However, when rebuilding on the current site, the problem of needing a temporary office building to be used while the Gangnam-gu Office was being built arose, and Gangnam-gu Office eventually gave up on building a new office building. Ultimately, the procurement office building will be maintained as is until it is determined that the building currently in use is as dangerous as the Gwangjin-gu Office, which received a D grade in the safety inspection.

Gangnam business trip massage
Gangnam business trip massage
3. Reflexology provided by Gangnam business trip
Lymphatic drainage (LTD) refers to the procedure by which fluid is drained by the lymphatic system to prevent it from accumulating in cells. Lymphatic drainage can occur in various parts of the body. It typically occurs in the armpits, knees, elbows, and feet. It helps remove excess fluid, dead cells, and toxins from the body. Mechanical gravity or pressure also accelerates the process. Lymphatic drainage also has other functions, such as improving lymphatic function after injury or surgery, stopping swelling caused by infection, removing mucus from the lungs, supporting the digestive system, removing waste from the body, and more.

Mechanical pressure can be generated at any point along the lymphatic system, but most often occurs in the lower extremities. For centuries it has been known that when lymph flows into the lower parts of the body, far from where it originates, it carries toxic waste with it. The most common waste products during the drainage process are lymphatic tissue fluid, blood, and plasma. Lymphatic drainage also removes red blood cells and other cellular debris. Gangnam business trip massage uses reflexology and lymphatic drainage.

4. Gangnam business trip massage providing manual lymphatic drainage massage
The purpose of manual lymphatic drainage massage therapy is to stimulate the flow of lymph through the blood vessels and capillaries of the hands and feet. Manual lymphatic drainage massage is an effective treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions, including lymphedema, sickle cell disease, cellulite, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, and other disorders. This therapy relieves pain and swelling and improves circulation, especially between the foot and ankle. This helps relieve the painful swelling of the feet and ankles that accompanies lymphedema, sickle cell disease, and related diseases. Manual lymphatic drainage is a great alternative to surgery for patients suffering from lymphedema, sickle cell disease, or other disorders that affect the lymphatic system.

During a lymphatic drainage massage therapy session, the massage therapist uses their hands to stimulate the capillaries in your hands and feet. Pressure is applied to the area to encourage lymph flow. The therapist’s hands are usually covered with soft lace or towels, which are placed over the skin of the affected area. Massaging the lymphatic system helps relieve swelling and reduce lymphatic edema. The massage therapists at Gangnam Business Trip Massage who have obtained massage therapist licenses can use any management technique.

5. Various massage techniques
There are various massage techniques used to stimulate lymph flow. One of these techniques, known as palm vibration, is often recommended by chiropractors to relieve pain associated with lymphedema. Another massage therapy called rubber band massage, which can be called lymphatic drainage therapy, is used to apply vibration to the legs and surrounding areas using small rubber bands or cloth wrapped in a towel. This technique is very effective in stimulating the lymphatic system.

In a massage therapy, your therapist will apply gentle pressure to your leg and rub tape over the entire surface to provide drainage. Pressure is applied and the liquid flows into your hand or towel. This technology has been very successful in treating a wide range of diseases and conditions. During the session, your therapist will rub your legs, perhaps using one or two different massage strokes. He or she may apply pressure for several minutes at a time.

6. Base drainage massage provided only by Gangnam massage service
During a drainage massage, or effleurage, apply light pressure to the foot, ankle, or lower leg using your thumb or gloved hand. Effleurage is usually performed while the patient is lying on their back, but this may vary depending on the therapist. Using light pressure is intended to relax muscles and stimulate the lymphatic system. The therapist may also use their hands to apply light pressure or work rhythmically while reaching over your head or into your groin. Effleurage may be beneficial for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, and shin splints.

When using effleurage in a reflexology session, the therapist uses both hands for effleurage and applies light pressure to areas of lymph flow. In addition to using effleurage, a reflexologist may also apply light pressure to specific nodes located throughout the body. These nodes include the spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. When these nodes are activated, the flow of fluid is stimulated, creating a positive response in the body’s immune system. This type of treatment may also help with conditions such as chronic inflammation, such as arthritis, or digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome.